Farsight Security 2020 Roundup

As we rapidly approach Xmas and the year’s end, Farsight has brought minute or two to reflect on 2020 and look ahead to next year. It is safe to say that looking back at 2020 it has been the most challenging year for businesses across the UK and beyond across many areas – not minimum their security.

The particular chaos caused by the global COVID-19 outbreak has had a direct impact on the security of many businesses with a stark increase in crime becoming reported across a range of industry areas. Industrial estates , construction sites , empty properties , schools and car dealerships, among many others, have been blighted in a surge in burglaries, anti-social behaviour and unlawful damage. Vehicle thefts have also continued to improve across the UK and in particular, a surge in car parts theft tries including catalytic converters and LED headlights , fuelled mostly by the disruption of after market supply chains during lockdown plus an increase in black market car parts values.

car headlight thefts

As a leading remote security monitoring provider, Farsight has remained ‘committed in order to vigilance’ on the security frontline all through this unprecedented and challenging calendar year.   We are very proud of the Farsight team who have worked very hard to give peace of mind to thousands of our own clients in protecting their premises, assets and people – preventing several incidents from progressing further.

Testament to the Farsight team’s dedication and ‘true grit’ in the face of so many challenges has been demonstrated by the fact that between Jan – December 2020 the Farsight CCTV operators issued a whopping 119, 901 audio deterrent warnings and escalated 9, 950 incidents to blue light services and keyholders.  

security monitoring

We have received so many wonderful comments and reviews from our clients about the difference Farsight has made to their security supply and the peace of mind our high services levels have delivered- for which the particular team here are very appreciative.   In turn, we offer our gratitude towards the emergency services across the country for their quick response to our alarm response escalations.

Farsight Customer Reviews

Our in-house technical team has also worked hard to constantly improve our CCTV and security alarm monitoring services provision capabilities, operating alongside our key security technology, software and equipment partners.

Advancements include the streamlining of our internal processes ensuring the Farsight site commissioning process remains first rate; ensuring that our inhouse communications system – YourSight continues to provide a ‘best in class’ two way communication with the clients and installers – enabling up to the minute transparency on both faults and incidents;   overcoming the end of life of Adobe Flas h not to mention helping our clients to be looking forward to the looming PSTN switchover therefore their alarm signalling systems are future proofed for efficient security alarm monitoring.

The Farsight team have also secured an exciting checking a partnership with Ajax alarm systems , which will be in good company alongside the alarm signalling system partners,   CSL and BTRedcare .

Farsight awarded ‘Best Security Services Provider 2020 – UK’

The Farsight team is delighted to be granted ‘Best Security Solutions Provider 2020 -UK’ by Corporate Vision Magazine as part of their Small Business Awards 2020.

Best Security Services Provider

Looking ahead to 2021

As we look forward to an optimistic start to 2021, we have many things we will be sharing with you about new services, the  rollout of our new specialist partnership programme and so much more.

There is a lot happening within security alarm signalling   the coming year too, which will keep installers and safety managers busy ahead of the looming PSTN  switchover to ensure their systems are future proofed. Our alarm signalling partners CSL and BT Redcare have some excellent next generation alarm signalling solutions to keep the systems fully optimised and supervised.

We are incredibly pumped up about the rollout of ECHO in the New Year too – which is the  alarm industry’s response to the NPCC’s desire to speed up the police response to verified alarm activations through use of digital automated alarm transmission technology. Within readiness for ECHO, as a top Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), Farsight has  achieved its Cyber Essentials certification ,   which  we are immensely proud of.

Cyber Essentials Certified

In the meantime, all of us take this opportunity to wish all of our customers, partners and suppliers a safe and blessed Christmas and New Year…

Farsight Christmas

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If you would like to find out more about how Farsight’s remote monitoring services can help protect your premises, assets and people – please call the team on 0845 371 0101 or drop us an email here: contact us.

We have also published a guide to optimising your own security this Winter which may help… Winter Security Tips from Farsight

Winter Security Tips

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