Industrial estate security partnership pushes back again on crime

Industrial estate Security

Industrial estate security is a major concern for thousands of land and business owners. Industrial estates are found to the outskirts of most urban areas across the UK, home to businesses across a wide range of industries from wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, retail to storage and fixes.   These businesses, largely made up of small to medium enterprises (SME’s), would be the backbone of the UK economy.

According to FRONT SIDE BUS at the start of 2020 there were 6 million SME companies in the UK employing 16. 8 mil people and turning over approximately at £2. 3 trillion. For people businesses the risk from burglary, theft and anti-social behaviour including criminal damage and arson is ever present . In fact , recent research  ‘Calling time on business crime’ suggests that smaller businesses are particularly vulnerable to crime with 2 . fifty four million small firms in England & Wales experiencing at least one business criminal offense in the previous two years. Concerning statistics certainly for business owners to mitigate.

One thing is for sure, safeguarding business premises, assets and people along with adequate industrial estate security measures is necessary.   That’s why 71% of small businesses have taken at least one protective measure against traditional business criminal offense, with 46% of these installing or even upgrading physical security, e. gary the gadget guy. locks, alarms and CCTV – but often more still needs to be done.

A quick scan of the news media reveals that industrial estate security is constantly being tested by criminals, especially during evenings, nights and weekends when there aren’t many people around to see them.

It’s not only burglaries, actual robberies, or yobs messing around after hours, or even people using the industrial properties as race tracks or traveling practice grounds – there are also various other more sinister incidents too that include drug deal drop-offs, illegal marijuana factories being set up in empty systems and even gangland activities. Here are some samples of headlines relating to industrial estate security incidents:

Industrial Estate Crime news

Launch of partnership initiative to support industrial property security

One industrial estate in Cambridgeshire that has had its fair share of security incidents, has pushed back upon crime with a police supported criminal offense prevention partnership. This brings together the particular estate businesses, Cambridgeshire Police , Neighborhood Watch and Farsight Security Services which now remotely displays the ‘collective’ existing CCTV techniques present across the site as well as accessibility control at its new admittance gate.

Highlode industrial Estate, situated on the outskirts of Ramsey and home to thirty-three business units, decided it was time to work together and appointed Helen Galer because Security Project Manager. This choice followed the ‘tipping point’ of the spate of incidents affecting businesses on the estate, including three ram memory raids carried out on two motorbike retail businesses.

Industrial estate Security

Sue Galer – Security Project Manager at Highlode Industrial Estate Association (pictured above with Malcolm O’Shea Barnes – Senior Operations Manager at Farsight & Alan Wilcher – Cambs Neighbourhood Watch Region Co-Ordinator for Ramsey)  highlights some of the security concerns that the site offers faced recently:

“Additional areas of concern over the last few years have included: –  Thought drug drop off/ courier pick-ups,   two cannabis factories present in empty units, learner drivers utilizing the private road for practice,   diesel being taken for lorries parked up, wheels being extracted from cars left on business premises overnight and joy riders. ”

Sue has worked hard to bring this brand new partnership alive with the aim of slowing down intruders who were determined to gain access to the website and deter unwanted anti-social and unwanted behaviours by showing signs of increased security including CCTV checking.

The businesses on Highlode Industrial Estate have collectively added to enable the activation of a ‘joined up’ partnership to secure the site better which will benefit all.   This has included the installation of a security barrier gate to provide increased control of who gets into the site after hours with Farsight’s access control service with audio, and a linking up and repositioning of existing CCTV cameras on the site along with some additional cameras being added.   The businesses involved will all have access to CCTV footage and the cameras is going to be CCTV monitored simply by Farsight after hours or even as required.

“Helen has been instrumental in also bringing neighbouring commercial businesses onboard to aid this partnership initiative too, which supports the security efficiencies of the entire Stocking Fen Road area of Ramsey, ” says Alan Wilcher – Cambs Neighbourhood Watch Area Co-Ordinator for Ramsey & Villages, “We work with the Police and other partners to enhance their local communities and keep individuals safe. By communicating and acting on crime prevention advice, and looking our for each other, active Neighbourhood Watch groups reduce crime, fear of crime, and increase community cohesion and wellbeing. ”

Find out more about working with Neighbourhood Watch here.

Malcolm O’Shea Barnes – Farsight’s Senior Operations Manager says, “On the face of it – to think of connecting up CCTV cameras systems from many different business premises, all making use of different systems, software and different types of cameras – sounds impossible. Not much is impossible for the Farsight specialized team and we have commissioned the website which is now being monitored simply by our vigilant CCTV operators. We look forward to a long association with Highlode Industrial Estate Association. ”

Could an identical security partnership boost your Industrial Estate Security?

Farsight is a leading remote security monitoring centre operating from our purpose built plus state-of-the-art Observatory based in Cambridgeshire. We all operate across a broad spectrum associated with industry sectors, including industrial estates across the UK, partnering with thousands of businesses who want peace of mind that their own premises, assets and people are protected.

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