Parking Lot Security

As a business owner, you know how essential the safety and security of your employees and inventory is. You might have a security system and cameras installed to notify you of any potential break-ins or other crimes, but have you thought about the exterior of your business? Parking lots, with the foot and vehicle traffic, are areas where safety is of the utmost importance, yet they are described as a magnet for crimes such as: violent assaults, carjackings, theft, and vandalism. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, over 10% of property crimes may occur in parking lots and garages.

Why Car port?

Criminals discover the abundance of hiding places and the seclusion of parking lots very attractive. This provides criminals a prime chance to target both customers and employees alike as the enter and exit your place of business. The presumption is that the area is not being supervised, which will allow them to commit offences while going undetected.

Why Focus on Cars?

Criminals notice stealing valuables from cars as a crime of opportunity. The Valley Police Department reported that regarding 99% of cars that are broken into are revealed . The most commonly stolen items out of cars are: backpacks, cash/coins, wallets, electronics, jewelry, and everything else of obvious value. Outside of revealed vehicles, thieves are also targeting some thing most people never thing about; their catalytic converter. Mandated for all U. S. cars and trucks in 1975, the particular catalytic converter is made with precious metals, such as platinum, palladium, rhodium, or gold. Edmunds reports that depending on the metal used, thieves can sell the converters to metal recyclers for up to one hundred dollar, and it only takes a minute or even two to remove the unit.

What Can You Do?

This type of behavior explains the importance of providing an environment that deters criminal activity. Limit the number of hiding places with regard to criminals, install plenty of lighting, watching the area. However , hiring a dedicated security staff may not be financially feasible for many small businesses. The single most effective and cost-efficient way to offer a secure environment in your parking lot would be to install a conspicuously positioned set security cameras .

Crime  Deterrent

Parking lot security cameras have the ability to provide monitoring of your lot twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows a response to security incidents in real-time, and are also a great way to deter crimes from taking place to begin with. As most criminals will search the area before committing a crime, having noticeable, high-quality security cameras within the parking lot of your warehouse, school, shopping or manufacturing center, or even other commercial facility, can help convince the criminal to move on from your area. If a crime does take place in your parking lot, having a digital camera on lot gives authorities the material they need to better understand the situation. The right camera system can turn however, largest parking lot into a crime-free zone.

More Than Just Crime

In addition to crime, the Insurance Institute for Road Safety estimates that parking lots are where about 20% of vehicular accidents occur. If an accident occurs if your parking lot, having a camera system gives you the power to see because it happens and alert the proper regulators. Cameras are also critical in helping the particular authorities determine what happened and to take those proper action. Having the right camera system in your lot also safeguards you from costly hit-and-runs and fraudulent insurance claims.

Parking Lot Cameras and Installation with Camera Security At this point

Today’s security cameras offer features that are beneficial to parking lot surveillance, such as license plate recognition , face recognition, and wireless connectivity back to the main building. Infrared imaging for night time or low light video documenting comes standard on most modern IP cameras. To learn more about these features, or to get a free security assessment for your parking lot, contact among our experienced security camera professionals at 800-440-1662 or fill out the fast, easy on-line quote form .

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