Thermal Cameras for Faster, Safer COVID-19 Temperature Monitoring


Is your company worried about the spread of COVID-19? In order to support the fight against the novel coronavirus, we are now providing Thermal Security Cameras . Many companies,   like Amazon , have already started making use of thermal cameras at their procedures facilities to ease the process of screening employees for a fever that may be related to the particular coronavirus. According to the US Centers pertaining to Disease Control, workers with hundred. 4 degrees Fahrenheit (38 levels Celsius) should be sent home–and just permitted to return after three times without a fever.

Thermal Cameras
To learn more, faucet the image for a video about heat temperature monitoring applications.

Reduce cross-contamination via non-contact temperature measurement

Thermal cameras,   from businesses such as Dahua Technology ,   can read heat signatures on individuals and objects. These devices are more traditionally deployed in industrial or military settings but are seeing a market boom since the uptick in that contains the virus began. When compared to the traditional way of body temperature measurement (a forehead thermometer) using thermal security cameras will considerably improve speed–and even accuracy. Simultaneously, deploying thermal imaging can help reduce cross-infection via non-contact measurements. For instance , it would take an average of 4. two hours to measure the temperature of five, 000 people using forehead thermometers–at 3 seconds per person. In comparison, it would only take 30 minutes in order to measure the same amount of people using thermal cameras–that means an average of 3 people would have their temperature recorded every second!

Dahua Eyesight Thermal Cameras

Dahua Vision, a Security Camera Manufacturer, offers deployed a Thermal Temperature Checking Solution that is capable of identifying people with an elevated temperature. With a built-in AI algorithm, these cameras can monitor multiple people from a distance associated with 9. 8 feet away, within an area 4. 3 feet wide–enabling fast assessment without personal get in touch with. By setting up a checkpoint with thermal cameras at your facility, you’ll get a number of benefits:

Thermal camera screening procedures

  • Highly accurate temperature readings associated with less than a 0. 54 degrees F deviation
  • Completely unmanned screening procedures to keep up with interpersonal distancing practices
  • Continuous measurement of foot traffic at up to 10 faces simultaneously
  • Immediate readings with elevated temperature alerts
  • Effective AI detection to reduce false psychic readings caused by hot beverages and disguised faces

The thing you need
Thermal camera required products

  • Hybrid thermal camera
  • Athermalized lens
  • Visible 2MP, 8mm lens
  • Thermal 400×300, 13mm
  • Calibration box (required for human body temperature), power adapter included
  • 16-Channel 1U 16 POE NVR (with statistical report and export, four channel mask detection, 4 channel face recognition)

Thermal Cameras and Set up with Camera Security Now

Security Consultant Johnny

Are you looking for thermal security camera guidance ? Johnny can give you a free safety consultation for your location. Even if you’re not sure what you need, our security experts will walk you through what it takes to secure your business. No matter what kind of facility in which you’re requesting thermal image resolution support, Johnny can assist you with all of your security needs! If you have any queries about how thermal cameras work, what you need for your facility, or the purchasing plus installation process, contact Johnny nowadays at 800-440-1662 ext. 360 or even fill out a quick, easy online quote form .

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